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Trace was founded as a sports bar over 20 years ago. In that time, we’ve made a name for ourselves by providing what other bars will not. Our unique atmosphere contrasts the stereotype of the average sports bar, while also utilizing our own flair for Chicagoans. Make no mistake, this is a sports bar—it’s just more than that, too. We have a wide selection of both premium and domestic beers, hard liquor, spirits, and a wall of flat-screen TVs for your game day. But when there are no sports around, we Trance-form into a rock and roll lounge at night. Our bar is a keystone in Chicago nightlife around Wrigleyville, so come see us tonight for your best post-game drinks, after-hour spirits, and nightcap delights.

Off-Season = Rock and Roll Season

One of the best reasons any of us have to go to a bar is to watch the game. So, at the end of the season, what do we do? It doesn’t feel right to say that you want to go to a bar for the ambiance, does it? But that changes when you add in music videos and a rock and roll lounge. Now add in that little tidbit of our history of rock and music, and you have yourself a reason to come out, even when it’s the off-season for baseball.

Our unique understanding of both music and nightlife has given us the advantage over other sports bars because when they stop serving, we’re just getting started. What could be better than late-night drinks with a few of your closest friends?

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