Looking for a bar that goes longer than midnight or 1 am? Trace is Wrigleyville’s late-night staple since 2001. Located just 2 storefronts down from Full Shilling, and within walking distance of some of Chicago’s most well-known entertainment, we’re open late so your night can continue even after all the other bars close. Weekdays and Sundays, we’re open until 4 am, and Saturdays we go for an hour later, to 5 am. What’s more impressive? We’ve taken on the stereotype of the ‘sports bar’ and decided to go against the grain. We don’t just offer sports and beer here; we also offer a rock and roll bar and lounge that’s been in business for over 20 years.

Come Down for Some Late-Night Fun

When your normal bar closes at 10:00pm, come down to see us. We are the perfect place to end your night, with music videos 7 every night of the week, and walking distance to everything entertainment, we’re in the center of Chicago night life, along with the Metro and Wrigley Field.

The Reveler-Pretzel Sticks
The Reveler-Ultimate Double
The Reveler-Pretzel Sticks
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